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EcoExpert Ltd. design 30 km of water supply (centralized pipes) for 12 villages in Ungheni District, on command of Center regional Development Agency. During the project was build water treatment plant of river Prut with a capacity of 2400m3/ day continue reading…

DjVu Document
The design included 2.4 km of water supply network and the local water tower. continue reading…

Detailed design for the Water Supply in Lucaseuca Village was developed by our company. continue reading…

The detailed design for the water supply was elaborated for 1.5 km, in Northern part of Bardar Village, Ialoveni District.

EcoExpert signed a contract with “ASCOM GRUP” S.A. to design the rehabilitation project for the internal networks for water supply and sewerage of IGOR VIERU High School of Fine Arts.

This project  provides the drawing up of the drawings and the elaboration of the cost estimate for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the internal hot water and sewerage water supply networks provided by the “Igor VIERU” International High-School of Fine Arts.

Schema reţelei în Pelinia

During the period of 4th of December 2009 – 28th of December 2009, EcoExpert prepared the project design for the detailed scheme of water supply (including the water tower) of Pelinia Village, Drochia District.

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Schema reţelei de apă

During the period November 2009 – January 2010, EcoExpert was contracted by  companionship Fruit Growing “TreiIazuri” from Peresecina.

Following this collaboration was developed conceptual design, detailed water supply plan of a region of fruit growing “Trei Iazuri” which is located in  Peresecina, Orhei district. ”

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sătuc During the period March-May 2010 EcoExpert drafted the execution “water supply in village Sătuc” form Pelinei, Cahul. Project execution was a preliminary stage of a project financed by the Social Investment Fund Republic of Moldova, the beneficiaries of this project are the 111 inhabitants of the village in which: Men – 55 Women – 56


The water tower was designed for a capacity of 25 sqm. The tower will be supplied with water from the local deep well, and it will be placed in the southeast part of the settlement. continue reading…

On-site visit

Company Ecology-Expert ltd was nominated as of 6 August 2008 winner of the tender to develop the Feasibility Study ‘scheme water supply and wastewater disposal district Falesti localities. Study was limited partner Falesti district council. The purpose of this study was to establish a technical solution to achieve the priority works to improve water and sanitation infrastructure in 67 villages of the district Falesti. continue reading…

Water Problem

Company EcoExpert prepared conceptual design of water supply network of village Gornoe, Straseni custom mouth NGO Valley. The project was composed of all legal principles and provisions of snipe. Gornoe network was built about 1.5 kilometers long and was written in two months.

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