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Category: Evaluarea Impactului asupra Mediului

Design (1) Environmental Master Plan, (2) occupational health and safety plan, (3) mechanisms for complaints, (4) plan layoffs for projects financed by the EBRD and implelented by RTEC for the purchase of over 100 troileibus in capital.


EcoExpert Ltd. was subcontracted by KOCKS Consult GmbH to conclude the Environmental Impact Assessment of 8 national roads rehabilitation project continue reading…

laborator vamal ultima varianta

ICS “Integrated Intelligent Solutions” Ltd. subcontracted EcoExpert Ltd. to conclude the Environmental Assessment Report for Chisinau Custom Office, which was modernized under a program between EU and Republic of Moldova. continue reading…

Our experts have assessed the environmental impact of Geotube® Method of sludge dewatering of Chisinau Water Treatment Plant. This study was elaborated on demand of Chisinau Apa-Canal (Municipal Water Management Institution). continue reading…

NGO Consultations

During April-August 2009 Executive Director EcoExpert, Rodion Bajureanu participated as an expert to study the local Environmental Impact Assessment on the three roads of international importance in Moldova.

The survey is conducted by the consortium of companies URS / Nathan USA.

Millennium Challenge Corporation (USA) is the sponsor of this study in the Compact program.

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Environmental Books

On the occasion of June 6, 2009 – World Environment Day EcoExpert company released 3 books. These books were launched in the project “Development of sewerage for the village Chetrosu social objects, Drochia district. The project was financed by the Fund for Climate of the Central European Initiative (CEI) and aims to promote increased awareness to the consuming public, and the importance of water protection, sustainable management of natural resources, development and implementation of PES and the prevention of environmental pollution with the development of the sewerage system for social objects of s. Chetrosu, R. Drochia.

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Visiting Chetrosu mayoralty

Between 1-30 septembrie 2010 EcoExpert developed Local Action Plan Environmental Chetrosu city, cr Drochia custom Chetrosu village hall.

Company experts visited the documentary field from which it was collected the necessary information, visited objects of importance to the environment and the possible impact.Subsequently determined the development strategy of local environmental action plans, priorities and means of implementation required. continue reading…

Visiting Beton-Lux

Between 24 March -7 April 2008, the company has developed EcoExpert Audit Study Environmental, Health and Security of Enterprise with Foreign Capital “Concrete-Lux” SRL.Society for Commercial Imcorp Industrial Minerals LLC (Romania). continue reading…

Consultation in Colibasi

In early 2008 the company experts have developed the study on “Assessment of environmental impacts of the project water supply and sanitation to 67 rural villages in Moldova”.

In each district of the country were selected 2-3 localities participating in the project. continue reading…

Consultations in Floresti town

Consultations in Floresti town

Between December the 28th, 2007 and March the 5, 2008, the company’s experts have concluded the “Environmental Impact Assessment on water supply and sanitation in 10 towns of Moldova”.

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