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Category: Proiecte de finanţare

The feasibility study for Cărpineni provides alternatives for the development of ecological lighting system, main street lighting with autonomous pillars, the most feasible solution for the village include solar panels.

The Feasibility Study has identified and analyzed several options for the local water supply and sewerage, in Risipeni Community, Falesti District.

The Feasibility Studies had the aim to identify, analyze and prioritize the local investments in infrastructure, including the environmental component.



The feasibility studies were concluded on demand of Crihana Veche and Manta Mayoralties in order to provide an alternative analysis of sewerage system development in these settlements, mainly oriented to constructed wetland schemes.

EcoExpert a dezvoltat proiectele de energie regenerabilă în cadrul contractelor cu primăriile din Slobozia și Ermoclia și a elaborat un studiu de fezabilitate care ulterior apermis dezvoltarea infrastructurii locale privind sursele regenerabile de energie. Proiectul a fost finanțate de instituțiile naționale donatoare.

EcoExpert has developed the renewable energy projects within contracts with Slobozia and Ermoclia Mayoralties, and developed a feasibility study that subsequently, allowed developing the local infrastructure on renewable sources of energy. The project was financed by national donor institutions.
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Study Cover

During April-July 2009 the company achieved EcoExpert Environmental Feasibility Study for the area Recea Straseni district.

Study aim was to determine the actual situation and potential environmental impact of anthropogenic activity in the city and determine the main social and environmental problems.The finding was providing workable solutions to be implemented by the community in the future.

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Sarata Noua visit

When ordering the Project Implementation Unit of the World Bank on water supply and sewerage company EcoExpert prepared a series of activities as a subcontractor of “Techno Consult LLC in the feasibility study for 67 rural villages. continue reading…