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EcoExpert the cause with time of Planet 2009, at which all people are united and fight against global warming.

At 20.30 on March 28, 2009, towns and cities around the globe will hit the lights for one hour – Time Planet – and thus will send a powerful global message that it is possible to act against global warming.

Our hopes are embodied in the biggest event of a mass, Time Planet 2009, which will involve one billion people on the planet, in over 1,000 cities, companies, governments and citizens chorus off their lights, and will send a message to world leaders, a message will precede the United Nations Conference on climate change in Copenhagen in 2009, we need involvement in actions that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions to benefit the planet, the short and long term.

Make a first step does not mean more than one light off!

Encouraging a city to do something simple, for one hour, it sends a strong message to the world about the urgent need to take action vis-a-vis global warming, and demonstrate that it is possible for each to participate in change.

Planet Time began in a city in one country, in 2007, when over 2.2 million homes and businesses in Sydney and their lights for one hour, Saturday, March 31, 2007.

Only a year later, Time Planet covered over 370 cities in over 35 countries in 18 time zones 18 and went from a campaign event in Sydney spent a global movement. A figure of approximately 50 to 100 million people worldwide have lights for Time Planet in 2008, and world-class construction and Golden Gate Bridge, the Coliseum in Rome, panel Coca + Cola in Times Square, and the Jumeirah Hotel Dubai and the lights went out for one hours.

Time Planet 2009 will be a decisive call to action for every person, company or government to take responsibility and take part in ensuring a sustainable future. Remarkable buildings in Europe, Asia (Pacific region), Middle Asia and America will hit the lights. People will gather to celebrate and discuss the environmental future of our planet.

Currently, the extension of WWF International, Time Planet 2009 will be held in 60 countries and the number is growing every day.

Time Planet is a message of hope and action.

Imagine that one to succeed if we act together.

What’s New for Time Planet. Details at: www.nuco2.wordpress.com