NGO Consultations

During April-August 2009 Executive Director EcoExpert, Rodion Bajureanu participated as an expert to study the local Environmental Impact Assessment on the three roads of international importance in Moldova.

The survey is conducted by the consortium of companies URS / Nathan USA.

Millennium Challenge Corporation (USA) is the sponsor of this study in the Compact program.

Environmental Impact Assessment is part of the feasibility study on some segments of national roads under the road rehabilitation project of the Compact Program to be refurbished in the first round: M-2 (Sarateni-Soroca-Hungarians) – 135 km M-14 (Balti-Criva) – 134 km and M-21 (Chisinau Dubasari) – 36 km.

To assess social and environmental determination was the potential adverse effects on the environment and communities, and develop measures to mitigate them.

Environmental Impact Assessment is the final internal review process and will soon be subject to public debate.

The press service of Government, representatives of the Moldovan Government expected CPM and Programme signed the “Compact” by the end of this year. Program “Compact for Moldova involves giving a grant of 262 million dollars to rehabilitate the road network and efficient transition to agriculture, including the rehabilitation of 11 irrigation centralized.

R. Bajureanu,

Executive EcoExpert