Projects from category - Financial projects:

ICS “Integrated Intelligent Solutions” Ltd. subcontracted EcoExpert Ltd. to conclude the Environmental Assessment Report for Chisinau Custom Office, which was modernized under a program between EU and Republic of Moldova. 

22 April, 2019

In early of the year  the company experts have developed the study on "Assessment of environmental impacts of the project water supply and sanitation to 67 rural villages in Moldova".In each district of the country were selected 2-3 localities p...

19 April, 2019

Between December 28th, and 5th of March ,  the company's experts have concluded the "Environmental Impact Assessment on water supply and sanitation in 10 towns of Moldova".The project was conducted on request of Project Implementation Unit of World B...

19 April, 2019

Village Hall Tiganca, Cantemir district is the limited partner of the local draft Europark. This project was developed by the company EcoExpert within two weeks. At acltual to find a partner from Romania for participation in cross-border projects. Be acce...

19 April, 2019

The company achieved EcoExpert Environmental Feasibility Study for the area Recea Straseni district.Study aim was to determine the actual situation and potential environmental impact of anthropogenic activity in the city and determine the main social and...

19 April, 2019