Projects from category - Social projects:

The Water Safety Plan in the village of Carpineni is based on an exercise to identify the hazards to the drinking water quality provided to consumers in Carpineni as well as the risk assessment, the identification of the necessary risk management measures...

24 April, 2019

The village has a drinking water supply system and serves 960 households. One of the basic requirements for a water supply system is the delivery of chemically and microbiologically safe water to protect the health of the consumer. Microbial or chemical p...

24 April, 2019

EcoExpert realized this study in partnership with the Project Consulting LTD. EcoExpert LTD participated as a technical consultant. The feasibility study was requested by Chisinau Municipal Education, Youth and Sport division. It includes 92 pre-universit...

24 April, 2019

The proposed park for creating and planning is in the East area built-up, in the former kindergarten near objects of social - cultural village. Parcova, Edinet District.Young's park

24 April, 2019

The feasibility study for Cărpineni provides alternatives for the development of ecological lighting system, main street lighting with autonomous pillars, the most feasible solution for the village include solar panels.In the locality of Carpineni, Hinces...

23 April, 2019