EuroPark scheme

Village Hall Tiganca, Cantemir district is the limited partner of the local draft Europark. This project was developed by the company EcoExpert within two weeks. At acltual to find a partner from Romania for participation in cross-border projects. Be accepted or environmental NGOs active in social infrastructure development and rural municipalities or small towns.

Europark project provides a green space planning, with a suparafaţă of 2.46 ha for improving environmental factors and quality of life. Arrangement of green areas will be planting native shrubs, flower arranging rondurilor, hedge planting, carrying walkways and land planning: children’s playground, rest for adults and youth, creating open-air museum, banks, baskets garbage, ecological toilets, lighting alternative sources of irrigation facilities.

Europark project implementation requires financial resources that will be attracted by making a request of financing.

Main design

Scheme 8

R. Bajureanu,

Executive EcoExpert