If you are:

  • a specialist in the field;
  • able to get through;
  • can activate and carry out qualitative services;
  • a patriot of your country and do not intend to leave it;
  • eager to work…

EcoExpert invites you to become part of our team!

# Vacancy

EcoExpert gives notice of a vacancy for the Project Designer post in the following fields:

  • water supply and facilities;
  • sewerage network and sanitation facilities;
  • home wastes storage;
  • photovoltaic, solar heating and wind systems.

EcoExpert invites all the interested people to send their CVs at: office(a)ecoexpert.md with the subject line “#01 vacancy“.

The terms and conditions of the job engagement, inclusively details of salary will be discussed individually, with each applicant.

# Internship

EcoExpert announces internship for young specialists and students in the field of “Web News Management”. At the end of internship, the person going through probation will benefit by getting a job, with internet connection and other facilities.

EcoExpert invites all interested people to send their CVs to: office(a)ecoexpert.md with the mention “#02 internship“.

The Terms and Conditions of the internship will be discussed in particular, with each candidate.