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During April-July 2009 the company achieved EcoExpert Environmental Feasibility Study for the area Recea Straseni district.

Study aim was to determine the actual situation and potential environmental impact of anthropogenic activity in the city and determine the main social and environmental problems.The finding was providing workable solutions to be implemented by the community in the future.

Develop Environmental feasibility was undertaken to allow further development of a set of concrete actions for improving environmental quality and infrastructure in the village Recea using both local resources and other resources available to its implementation.

The main objectives of the project were:

Develop environmental feasibility and compliance with national legislative consensus on the environment and promoting the EU requirements. Identifying, assessing and determining the problems and issues that are detrimental to the environment and posing impediments to social development, and village households Cold entirety as infrastructure.

Another objective is to determine potential hazards following the implementation of social projects, infrastructure and environment.

Formulating proposals for improving environmental performance in the village, to improve quality of living standards of people through development of infrastructure projects.

The study analyzed aspects of water pollution, soil, air, biodiversity status, waste, alternative energy. Also examined were the necessary financial and investment were developed and analyzed four alternatives to city water and sewage construction including general schemes. His attention to environmental issues, health and safety when performing work on the future of local infrastructure projects.

Environmental feasibility study is 95 pages, including parts of the design included six chapters.

Feasibility Study of Environment and Local Environmental Action Plan of the village Recea Straseni district was possible thanks to direct involvement of local government in the village cold Thanks for the support given.