EcoExpert provides the following services:

  • Environmental Consulting;
  • Environmental Technical Servicing;
  • Facility Design/Engineering.

Environmental criteria considered during project implementation:

  • Air;
  • Surface and phreatic waters;
  • Soil and agrochemistry;
  • Biodiversity (flora and fauna).

Delivering Environmental Protection Service:
If you are a small-/medium-sized business, or a corporation, and…

  • can’t afford a full-time environmental expert;
  • invest too much time and funds in ecological/environmental issues;
  • tired of reporting to the Environmental and Water Protection Agencies, Authorities, and other Natural Recourses Control and Management Institutions;
  • seek permits and licenses (for artesian wells, quarries, waste disposal, wood felling, etc.)
  • sued by government or a third party in connection with environmental/natural resource issues;
  • intend to launch environmental management systems, environment-friendly production;
  • in need of technological replacement; or
    engaged in imports of new products and services.

… Then, we’re ready to lend you a helping hand!
For a reasonable and mutually acceptable fee, subject to a service contract, EcoExpert Co. will perform on your behalf all of the needed services. While you engage in day-to-day activities, we’ll settle matters with the governmental institutions, such as:
The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, The State Environment Inspectorate, Agency of Geology, The Center of Prophylactic Medicine, The License Chamber, Courts of Law, The Construction Inspectorate, The Standardization Service, etc.

We offer long-term implementation of new ideas having a synergetic impact on both, environment and economy. We serve our clients’ needs however complex and specific they are.

Rapid Response Unit
In case of injury, uncontrolled leakage or an accident causing massive pollution, EcoExpert Co. will provide on-the-spot consultations, offering tangible solutions for sanitation measures on the short-, medium- and long-term basis.

Environmental Consultation offered by EcoExpert Co. ensures fast and easy:

  • Quality Expert Appraisal;
  • Waste management;
  • Air pollution monitoring;
  • Prompt and efficient consultation on accidental pollution;
  • Permits and special documentation support.

EcoExpert Co. can design the following facilities:

  • Drainage;
  • Sewage system;
  • Pump Stations;
  • Water Purifying Stations;
  • Waste storage platforms;
  • Lightweight structures;
  • Alternative (Wind, Solar) Power Systems.