On-site visit

Company Ecology-Expert ltd was nominated as of 6 August 2008 winner of the tender to develop the Feasibility Study ‘scheme water supply and wastewater disposal district Falesti localities. Study was limited partner Falesti district council. The purpose of this study was to establish a technical solution to achieve the priority works to improve water and sanitation infrastructure in 67 villages of the district Falesti.

The project objective is the achievement of sustainable investment that will be integrated into existing infrastructure and investments related to the following requirements to comply with legislation and considering an affordable price and acceptable to end users (rural population).

Priorities were taken into account expansion and / or rehabilitation of centralized water supply system in the district Falesti not currently have this feature or condition had a poor quality facilities, expansion and / or rehabilitation of wastewater collection system; proposal alternativescentral water supply and sanitation and choosing a best alternative for municipalities involved in the study as well as the District Council Falesti, selecting the most feasible solutions to water supply district towns.

Feasibility Study examined under the national legislation on drinking water supply and sanitation, four alternatives for water supply in district towns Falesti:

  • Variant I – Drinking water supply from wells by hand;
  • Variant II – fountains as potential source of drinking water;
  • Option III – Water from the river Prut. Prut-Falesti aqueduct as a source of drinking water Falesti district population;
  • Option IV – aqueduct Soroca-Balti.

Were described schemes and water supply facilities and sanitation, with a presentation held in the volume of capital investments required for project implementation and cost-benefit analysis.Afterwards, the SWOT analysis was presented for each of the variants of the proposed water supply and sanitation, with a risk assessment undertaken in the project and potential impact of economic, social, environmental and public health project on both the district and the regionboast a whole.

Were prepared with water supply schemes in number of 134 based on two alternatives for sewerage and 67 numbers of schemes. It was drawn up a bus schedule for water version of the Prut river and water supply aducţiunilor Falesti district.

Development objectives achieved from Feasibility studies are directed to:

1. Falesti District Council to support efforts to improve water supply services and sanitation, public security in terms of water supply and sanitation. These principles would lead to channeling most domestic and external sources of funding in the proposed directions (scheduled);

2. In order to implement national policies to improve health care and water supply in selected localities. Objectives will be achieved through restoration, improvement and expansion (enlargement) water supply system and sanitation at district level;

3. improving wastewater treatment and disposal, and improve overall management in the water sector.

As a result of this work followed a request for funding under the Joint Operational Programme Romania – Ukraine – Moldova.