Projects from category - Water alimentation:

According to the Feasibility Study on the Sanitary Facility Development in Vorniceni Village was selected the optimal alternative of sewerage system and the detailed design was developed accordingly.

23 April, 2019

EcoExpert has designed a 400 m sewerage network for social institutions in the settlement. The project also included the design of wastewater treatment plant, sanitary protection area and electricity network. Also, there were conducted geological and envi...

22 April, 2019

The feasibility study is initiated by the NGO's "European Solidarity for Water in Moldova" and provides for the analysis of alternatives for the development of the sewerage system in Vorniceni village, Straseni district.

22 April, 2019

Within the implementation of  Local Environmental Actions Plan of Recea Village, was elaborated the project design for two waste water treatment plants, one for the local school of 4,5 sqm capacity (Topas 30), and another for the kindergarten of 2,25...

22 April, 2019

In February-March period, the feasibility study for social objects in the village of Miciurin, Drochia, was elaborated. The purpose of the feasibility study was based on the determination of the real situation in the water supply and sanitation sector of...

22 April, 2019